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We have discussed the many benefits of coconut oil and coconut water, but what about coconut milk?

Coconut milk joins its friends on the super-food list. Not only is it creamy, sweet and delicious, but it is also extremely beneficial to your health.

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So, What is Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is the liquid stored in coconut meat (the flesh of the coconut). Coconut water is the liquid found inside the center of the coconut, it is less creamy and transparent.

Mature coconuts contain less water and more coconut meat. Coconut water is usually harvested from immature coconuts, while coconut milk is harvested from mature coconuts. Coconut milk is high in fatty acids and calories, while coconut water is high in electrolytes and sugar.

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How is Coconut Milk Made?

Coconut meat is blended into a pulp and then strained. The liquid part is called coconut milk. 

Unsweetened Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts

Consume coconut milk in moderation, make sure that you are counting your calories.

Coconut milk is a wonderful dairy alternative since it is free of lactose, soy, nuts, and grains.

The Nutritional Facts of Coconut Milk

100ml of homemade coconut milk contains:

(All canned coconut milk nutrition facts differ from each other. Check your coconut milk nutrition label. Full fat coconut milk may have coconut cream floating on the top)

  • Coconut milk calories 230
  • Carbs in coconut milk 5.5g
  • Sugar 3.3g
  • Fibre 2.2g
  • Fat 23.8g
  • Protein 2.3g
  • Calcium 16mg
  • Vitamin B3 76mg
  • Magnesium 37mg
  • Phosphorus 100mg
  • Potassium 263mg
  • Sodium 15mg
  • Water 67.6g

Other Vitamins and minerals found in smaller amounts:

  • Vitamins B1, B5, B6, and B9
  • Vitamin C, E
  • Iron, Manganese, and Zinc

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Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Is coconut milk good for you?

Coconut milk is full of healthy fatty acids called Lauric acid. It was previously believed that coconut fat was bad for us, but new research proves that these medium chain fatty acids can lower the risk of heart disease, lower bad cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure.

The Lauric acid is converted by the body into Monolaurin. Monolaurin is antiviral and antibacterial, which means that it can protect against disease and infection.

One of my favorite benefits of drinking coconut milk: The fatty acids are converted into energy quickly and are therefore less likely to be stored as fat. This makes coconut oil and coconut milk a powerful weight loss tool. I often use it myself, as an appetite suppressant. Read more about the amazing weight loss benefits of coconut oil.

The health benefits of coconut milk.

How to Make Coconut Milk

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Why Making Coconut Milk is Better than Buying

  • Coconut oil made in cans should be avoided. Most are lined with a chemical called BPA. BPA exposure is worse when the can contains anything fatty (like coconut milk), salty or acidic. Two companies claim not to use BPA, one is native forest coconut milk, the other is Arroy-D (although Arroy-D contains other strange ingredients). So, if you are going to buy, the best coconut milk brand would be Native Forest.
  • Coconut milk in cans often contain guar gum. Guar gum is often related to digestive issues. Again Native Forest has coconut milk that contains no guar gum.
  • Finding organic coconut milk is not easy. Anything other than organic will be missing most of the valuable properties.

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Coconut products are the perfect addition to a successful ketogenic diet.

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