A 10 Day Coconut Oil Detox

What are the health benefits of coconut oil really?

To test the theory that coconut oil is as beneficial to a person's hair, teeth, skin, and overall health, I am about to attempt a 10-day coconut oil detox. The detox will include topical application as well as the benefits of consuming coconut oil.

I am hoping that I will shed a few pounds on the way too. I have written a page about the fat burning ability of coconut oil, so this detox is going to either prove or disprove that theory.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist or a dietitian. I am not a personal trainer, a coach or a fitness expert. My detox is based on information gathered from many different sources, and I made adjustments to suit my own needs.

Please consult your physician and seek the advice of other experts before making any significant changes to your diet.

A little bit about me

I managed to gain over 80 pounds during my childbearing years (9 year period). I have been trying to lose the postpartum weight for 5 years now, and with the help of a vegetarian diet, I lost 18kg (40 pounds). I also recently tried a banting diet, which is a high-fat diet. During that diet, I managed to put on about 6 pounds. I guess this has something to do with my blood type, which is A+. A+ individuals apparently thrive on plant-based diets.

My father in law, who is a herbalist, naturalist and qualified pharmacist suggested that I do a liver detox. He says that the reason why I am struggling to lose weight is because I have a dirty liver.

So, in desperation and after reading about the amazing benefits of coconut oil I have decided to do a restricted coconut oil cleanse. I will share my progress with pictures of my hair and teeth. 

The Coconut oil Detox plan

  • In the morning take my vitamin mix with 1 tbsp of coconut oil. And a cup of coconut coffee. I have natural sweetener in my coffee. The vitamins I am going to be taking: Multivitamin A to Z, Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin C, Olive leaf extract, Oregano oil, Probiotics, Selenium, Collagen and Vitamin A. 
  • I will be drinking as much of this coconut water detox mix as I can:

- 1L hot water

- 2 tbsp organic lemon juice. 

What are the benefits of lemon juice? 

- 1 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil

  • Whenever I feel hungry, I will eat coconut oil. I love coconut oil, so I have no problem with this.
  • I am going to consume coconut coffee maybe three or four times a day. 
  • I will avoid eating any food during this ten-day coconut oil detox.
  • I will be using a coconut hair mask. This will test the benefit of coconut oil for hair.
  • Using coconut oil topically on my face too in the evening and mornings as a moisturizer. This will test the coconut oil benefits for the skin.
  • Coconut oil pulling detox. What is oil pulling? 

Expected coconut oil detox symptoms:

  • I am expecting detox symptoms such as nausea, headaches and runny stools. Maybe a little moodiness too.

The 10 Day Detox

Coconut Oil Detox Symptoms

Day 1

  • I was expecting to feel hungry, but the coconut really does curb your hunger.
  • I do not feel any moodiness. 
  • Did have a bit of a runny tummy.
  • After 4pm urine cleared up.
  • 6pm starting to feel a bit of a headache.
  • Still not feeling hungry.
  • Starting to feel a little nauseous.
  • Got some heartburn.
  • Bad taste in the mouth.

Day 2

  • Runny tummy
  • Feel good just a few cramps on my left side. Read up about it, might be my gallbladder or liver cleansing itself.
  • Feeling bloated, a bit of flatulence.
  • Feeling a bit moody, but then it's close to “that time of the month” too.

Day 3

  • Feeling good.
  • Normal stool in the morning.
  • Tummy feels flat.
  • Skin seems smoother on my face.
  • Lost 4.5kg already! Guessing it's mostly water weight.
  • Managing so far to digest at least 4 - 5tbsp of coconut oil per day.
  • Haven't felt hungry yet!!
  • I can feel a massive improvement in my hair. Feels softer.

Day 4

  • Feel really good.
  • Have lost 5kg altogether.
  • No hunger, I actually have to force myself to eat the coconut.
  • Flatulence

Day 5

  • Got a few pimples
  • Pain in my left hip. Guessing this is from detox.  
  • Flatulence.

Day 6

Day 7

  • Feeling good. ;-)
  • No change in weight, but I'm guessing its due to swelling and water retention, it's “that time of the month.”
  • Still eating some celery during the day.

Day 8, 9 and 10

  • These were the hardest days of the detox. 
  • I stopped eating the celery because it made me very bloated. I started eating oranges. Had about 5 oranges per day. Also, my stomach was more settled with the oranges.
  • I could feel I was detoxing. 
  • Started breaking out in some pimples on my face. 
  • Noticed a few dark spots on my face. 
  • Experienced a bit of an eczema flare-up on hands. 
  • I had an awful migraine on the evening of the tenth day but was determined not to use pain meds.

Next few days

Next few days

Will be eating only fruits and vegetables for a few days and then later introduce nuts and legumes into my diet.

The loud tummy rumblings were one of the worst coconut oil detox side effects. I would not recommend that you do this detox if you are at work. I did it during the holidays. It is better to relax as much as possible during a detox. 

Coconut Oil Health Benefits and My Results

My hair before and after the coconut oil detox and hair mask. I did not color my hair, think it might be the lighting in the picture that differs.
  • I feel that this has helped me realize how little food a person’s body actually needs. I think we overeat.
  • I will unquestionably be using coconut oil on a daily basis to curb appetite. It is the best appetite suppressant I’ve ever used.
  • I did notice a reduction in bulk of my abdomen and hips. Not sure if this has something to do with the coconut oil. There was a study that was done that proved that coconut oil decreases the fat in these regions. Unfortunately, I did not take measurements, but my jackets are sitting much looser on me, particularly around the waist area.  
  • I only used the coconut oil in my hair two days, and the results were terrific, as you can see in the pictures. 
  • I have no cravings for naughty foods and am enjoying my food more now.
  • Coconut oil detox weight loss results: Altogether I lost 5.8kg (12.7 pounds) in 10 days.
  • My teeth do seem whiter to me from the coconut oil pulling, but the pics didn't come out right, because the lighting was different each time. 
  • What are the benefits of coconut oil on the skin? I used coconut oil on my skin daily, even before I started the detox. I would definitely recommend it as a moisturizer for all skin types as well as a good nail and hand moisturizer for strong, long nails.  
My skin and teeth before and after 10 days of coconut detox & coconut oil pulling.

How to take your daily dose of coconut oil

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