Coconut Oil for UTIs

Help! I’ve got a Bladder Infection!

Bladder infections (also known as urinary tract infections or cystitis) can ruin your day.  Anyone who’s had one can testify to that!  These infections are usually caused by a bacteria that is found in our colons.  

This little E coli bacteria sometimes find themselves in our bladder, urethra, ureters and kidneys and they cause an infection. A urinary tract infection (UTI) can also be caused by certain fungi and viruses.  Despite our body’s attempt to get rid of these little tormentors – they have the ability to attach themselves to the walls of our bladder.  They cause inflammation of the lining of the bladder and then we know that not all is well down there!

Although anyone can get a bladder infection, children and babies included, it’s very common in women.  Just because of a woman’s anatomy – the close proximity of all her ‘bits’, make it easier for bacteria to cause infections in females.  Bladder infections are quite common in sexually active women, during pregnancy and before and after menopause.  

Common UTI symptoms:

  • Urgent and frequent need to pass urine.
  • A sharp pain and / or a burning sensation when passing urine.
  • A feeling that the bladder is full, but no urine can be passed.
  • Lower back ache or muscle aches. 
  • Feeling tired and ill.
  • The urine can look cloudy, or have blood in it, and smell quite strong.

Coconut Oil and Bladder Infections

Coconut oil is a rich source of medium chained fatty acids and it has impressive anti-microbial properties.  That means that it can help the body get rid of things like UTI causing bacteria.  

The medium chained fatty acids are what make the coconut oil so powerful in fighting off infection – and coconuts are two thirds medium chained fatty acids!  This makes it one of nature’s richest sources of health- boosting fatty acids.

The downside to taking antibiotics for a bladder infection, is that they kill off all bacteria, the good and the bad; and sometimes they can have nasty side effects.  However, coconut oil goes straight for the bad guys and leaves the good guys intact.  

Coconut oil for UTI Dosage:

It has been suggested that taking 2-3 and a half tablespoons of coconut oil and drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily, may drastically reduce the symptoms associated with a bladder infection.   

Take the oil at the first sign of infection and spread the dosage out through the day. The earlier you treat the infection, the better chance you have of killing it before it intensifies.  

What about coconut water for UTIs?

Drinking coconut water is also a wonderful way of increasing your chances of getting rid of the infection.  Coconut water has long been recognized for its healing benefits in the urinary tract system.  It is quite helpful in preventing and fighting UTIs and dissolving kidney stones.  It dilutes the urine so that stones are less likely to form and it helps flush the bacteria out in the urine.

Other Self-help Suggestions:

  • Don’t eat too many sugary things.  The bacteria love sugar and it can definitely exasperate the symptoms.  That includes refined carbohydrates and alcohol.
  • Water, water, water.  It’s so important to try and drink 2-3 litres of water per day to flush those little suckers from the bladder. 
  • Drink cranberry juice, but make sure it’s sugar free.  The cranberry juice prevents the bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder and this allows them to be flushed from the body in the urine.
  • Some people report that making the bladder less acidic, makes it harder for the bacteria to thrive.  You can buy some over the counter alkalizing solutions or sachets quite readily these days.
  • Take probiotics every day, especially if you’ve had to take a course of antibiotics.  
  • Antibiotics disturb the normal internal flora and may promote recurrent infections.  But don’t feel condemned if you’ve had to take them.  Sometimes they are very necessary.
  • Include celery, parsley, and watermelon in your diet.  These foods act as natural diuretics and help flush the bacteria out.
  • Practice good hygiene – wipe from the front to the back after going to the loo (like your mama told you!) 
  • Try to empty your bladder regularly instead of waiting till you’re about to burst. Empty your bladder after sex.
  • If you suffer from recurrent bladder infections, do not use a lot of “feminine hygiene” goodies.  Those are things like bubble baths, douches, sprays, pads or liners containing fragrances.  The chemicals in these things are potentially irritating.


Although home remedies may work very well for bladder infections, it’s important to use them as a guideline with your healthcare provider.  If symptoms do not clear up within 3 days, please see your healthcare provider to prevent complications.  

If you have severe abdominal pain or your urine suddenly changes to pink or brown, please contact your doctor.  If UTIs are left untreated, the bacteria can travel up towards the kidneys and cause a more serious infection.


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