Coconut Oil for Constipation

One of the Best Home Remedies for Constipation -Coconut Oil!

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Coconut oil has undoubtedly gained much notoriety over the last few years; this milky, white fat is fast becoming a household staple.  It is pretty fancy.  

It can be a solid or a liquid depending on its mood, it can pull off a few lifesaving wonders, it can debase itself, and sauté onion, and it can help unclog the works! Yes! It can even help with your constipation!  

Now, constipation is something that probably everyone has had at some time, and yet we certainly don’t want to talk about it.  Constipation can be caused by a number of different things – from not having enough fiber and water in your diet to changes in your lifestyle and even to aging.  It’s not something we can avoid. So let’s get to the solution!

How does Coconut Oil Help?  

  • Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for treating constipation.  Coconuts are very high in fiber.  As we know – a high fiber diet is precisely what encourages regular bowel movements.
  • If you are suffering from really hard, dry stools, then taking coconut oil would be a glorious way to “grease the wheels.”  Coconut oil is a wonderful natural lubricant.
  • Inside your bowels (graphic description ahead), the coconut oil gets to the place where your stools are, and it coats them in all its oiliness. As it coats the feces in oil, it softens it, making it easier to pass. This also helps the body form the stool better.  
  • Coconut oil is notoriously known for speeding up metabolism.  So if your bowels are moving things along quicker, then there’s less chance of it becoming dry and blocking up the works. Coconut oil is a medium-chained fatty acid, and inside the cells of the intestines, the medium-chained fatty acids act almost as a fueling station. They boost the energy of the cells, and this speeds up the metabolism.
  • And of course – coconut oil is beneficial to our digestion.  

Constipation in Babies and older Children

What about coconut oil for constipation in babies and children?  Is coconut oil safe for them?

Absolutely! Many parents have to put their babies on formula, and unfortunately, the formula contains very little to no fiber (breast milk contains natural laxative properties). As a result, many formula-fed babies commonly suffer from constipation.  

Due to our westernized diets, full of processed foods, many toddlers and children are also suffering from constipation.  Coconut oil is a wonderful natural way to bring relief to these precious little bodies. But just a word of caution – you still need to be careful when giving it your baby or little-one for the first time.  

The other ways to use coconut oil for babies and mommies.

Coconut Oil Dosage for Constipation in Babies and Little Ones

There are many different types of coconut oil out there, but I would suggest you go for an organic virgin coconut oil. Organic is better for babies, as it has had less exposure to chemicals and pesticides. Also, foodstuff being stored in plastic can sometimes absorb some of the chemicals in the plastic.  

It is probably wise to check if your baby has an allergy to coconut oil first. It is not known as a high allergy food (It is quite rare to hear of anyone who is allergic to coconut oil, but the possibility exists.  Rather be safe than sorry!).

Apply a little bit of coconut oil to your baby’s skin.  Rub it in and make sure it is well absorbed.  Usually, the inner wrist/elbow area is used to test for sensitivities. If your child is going to react to the oil, it will happen within 12 hours.  The area will begin to look itchy and inflamed. So watch for any adverse reaction. You could do the same for an older child too. If everything seems fine – it should be safe to give internally.  

But start slowly!!

Start with half a teaspoon or even less in the beginning.  Add it to your baby’s breakfast or even directly into the mouth.  Make sure you give your baby adequate liquid, as that also helps stimulate a bowel movement. If after a few hours, there hasn’t been a bowel movement – try adding a teaspoon of oil to the supper.  You can slowly increase the amount until you are giving 3-4 teaspoons a day in divided dosages.

With older children, you will have to play it by ear.  I mix a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil into peanut butter and put it into the fridge to set. A few kid-friendly, sugar-free coconut oil dessert recipes here. The fat content of the oil keeps their blood sugar balanced for longer, and we avoid constipation!

Coconut Oil for Constipation Dosage for Adults

Unfortunately, there isn’t a tried and tested set dosage for this.  It is best if you also start out slowly – maybe taking 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 at night, and see how that affects you.  Some people find that only 1 teaspoon has a bowel-loosening effect, so you will have to see what works for you.  My advice is to keep with one dosage for a few days.  If nothing happens, increase it slightly.

If you suffer from chronic constipation, then it will probably take a little longer before you see results.  But due to coconut oil's amazing health benefits, this is something you could do for the rest of your life!

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