My 3 day coconut oil detox to cure cannabis addiction

by J Sharpo
(West Midlands, UK)

Sept 30th 2017

My 3 day Coconut Oil detox experience

After having practiced water fasting for a few years now and easily managing 6 days, I decided to have a look at other fast type cleanses and came across the coconut oil detox/cleanse..

I was going to Spain to visit grandparents and I often do a 3 day fast here because I can relax and it's easy for me.

I had admitted to myself a few weeks before that I was addicted to cannabis because I just couldn't seem to break the cycle of not having at least one in the evening.

I really wanted to stop, one benefit of being in spain at my grandparents is that I don't know anyone here on the OAP estate they live in so no hope of coming across weed. Thank god!

I'm also a week before my period so I knew there was a possibility that, with PMT, cannabis withdrawal and the heat... I may become slightly irritable.. I told my grandparents, I was going one of my.. as Nanny puts it.. 'Crazy starvation diets' lol for 3 days and they probably wouldn't see much of me.

They totally accept and support my 'ways' and that's something I really, really love about them ❤️

The benefits of coconut oil detoxing are clearly outstanding and 3 days here and there with no solid food isn't a long time for the potential lifetime benefits that you receive.. is it??

Bearing in mind, only about 4 years ago, I was that person that if I didn't have a snack or a dinner or something edible in my mouth every few hours, I thought I was dying of starvation!!!

Since my last visit in May this year, I have been practicing intermittent fasting, only one meal a day and seem to have mastered it in the last month or 2 and lost a significant amount of water weight and also fat.

So if I can discipline myself for a few days straight, I'm 100% certain that anyone can.

Because I've used coconut oil for cooking for years now, I'm quite used to it, so I had 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in 3/4 of a mug of hot water and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, the first day I managed 3 mugs.. I intended to have 6/7 a day, however, I just didn't realize the time of the day was going by and I hadn't felt hungry at all.

I had to remember to have the drinks!
Day 1, no hunger all day, had loads of energy, but by the evening, I felt some flu like symptoms, going from hot to cold and slightly fuzzy head.

Day 2, I felt slightly weak, but more weak in my head like a flu head if that makes sense, surprisingly not irritable at all! (However, this changed when I attempted to teach Nanny how to use a tablet and her new Facebook account she asked me to do... it's like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree and I'm not sure if it's the current situation for me, but today, I definitely didn't feel like I was cut out for teaching!)

Anyway... I was still walking round, out to the shops and up hills etc in the boiling heat with ease, I had watery bowel evacuations with nothing substantial enough coming out to boast about and quite a gurgley belly... so I did an apple cider vinegar and water enema in the evening and it took a while for anything measurable to remove itself.

I was still pleased with the results, but my usual enemas compared to this one are epic!
Anyway, enough of poo talk (one of my favourite subjects 'colon cleansing')
So yesterday,

Day 3, I felt weak, my body was burning hot and I was going from feeling like I was on fire to freezing cold and I expect it was more from the cannabis anxiety, but I've not craved it once!

My legs and muscles felt quite weak, it tired me out flexing my biceps and doing a few leg raises and press ups lol but it was still okay, I still had energy, I wasn't hungry and I now had ribs and hips going on!!!
Bowel evacuations were quite fascinating, like watery stools encased in oil ..

I broke my fast with some boiled butternut squash for breakfast this morning and it was like, after every water fast... The food you break it with, tastes like the most amazing thing you've ever had in your mouth!

When you water fast though, it does improve all of your senses.. not sure about a coconut detox, but still!! My boiled butternut squash breakfast, was like eating a bowl of sunshine!! :)

And my abs are now present without tensing... amazing!! I feel so clear headed now! I feel like I'm going home in a few days a brand new person! Can't upload a picture because they're not JPegs as taken on an iphone so that's a bit of a shame.

My advice is this.... if you care about yourself and you either love OR want to love your body.
Look after it! It's the only one you have.

Google a coconut oil cleanse, or even just the benefits of adding it to your diet as well as actual food and see the difference for yourself.

I use coconut oil, pink Himalayan rock salt and bicarbonate soda and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for practically everything!

Hair washing/ hair oil mask, toothpaste, face and body scrubs, food, detoxes, natural moisturisers and lip balms.

Natural is the way to go. 👌🏻

We've been pulled so far away from nature and to processed everything, that's why we're fat, stressed, sick and dying.
I think a few generations from now will be living off the processed food packets!

Not even the food inside and that's a serious comment..

Thanks for reading, I hope this has inspired you to go a bit further into the self love world or at least visit it and see what you make of it.

Remember, you're worth it! We all are

Love and light ❤️🙏🏻

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